Ornamentum Gallery shines a light on New Zealand jewelry designer Shelley Norton with "Boxed" Exhibition through November 26

For the next month, Ornamentum Gallery, curators of original innovators in the world of jewelry design, shine a light on the work of New Zealand designer Shelley Norton with her exhibition titled "Boxed" that will be on view through November 26th, 2018. Shelley Norton graduated in 2002 with a BFA from Auckland University, New Zealand, where she continues to live and work. Boxed is Norton's first exhibition with Ornamentum.

Photo: Caryline Boreham

Voluminous in scale yet lightweight and very wearable, with an almost folk-art painterly floral motif belies a bold and fascinating use of materials. 

From the artist: The pieces are made out of plastic shopping bags - they are not coloured by me - I often get asked that. I cut the bags, knit them on fine needles - the blocks of background colour are added during the knitting. I then melt the plastic flat and then layer up the image - as in painting, but I am melting each piece as I work on the image. Slots are cut, and I construct the pieces into a 3-d objects, melting the tabs, and riveting and adding the brooch pin. 

Little thought about floral sprays that adorn humans like fancy packaging... A nod to Otto Künzli’s wall paper brooches, one to Eduard Manet’s small paintings of floral bouquets, another to lavish chocolate box packaging. Plastic, the great imitator, leveling and flattening hierarchies of value.



Through November 26, 2018 

Ornamentum Gallery

506 Warren Street

Hudson, NY 12534